At Ziteo, our mission is to provide surgical oncologists with a better way to locate and excise cancerous tissues by giving them the most advanced image-guided surgical tools. Our systems deliver the best real-time, high-resolution, high-sensitivity 3D images of cancerous tissue during surgery.

A vision of the future: From the very beginning, our team has been passionate about making a real, tangible difference in the lives of millions of people around the world. And, we want to do it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our aim? To make convenient, reliable, and accurate devices that will revolutionize cancer surgery by bringing our unique combination of skills and experience together. It’s about collaboration - collaboration with each other and collaboration with surgeons who treat cancer daily. It’s also about innovation - bringing surgeons better, more portable, and significantly more accurate medical imaging equipment that will improve their results.



The statistics are frightening - for just breast cancer operations alone, a staggering 25% of patients require a second round of surgery even a few days after the first to remove missed cancerous tissue. This is simply because the surgeon didn’t have a clear enough view of the tumors during the first-time round. We want to see this number of repeat surgeries drop to zero, which is why we are revolutionizing the medical imaging game.The consequences of leaving tumors behind after surgery are enormous. Besides the huge financial cost and patient trauma of an extra surgery, many patients choose unnecessary actions “just to be safe”, such as the removal of both breasts even when only one breast has cancer.



As it stands right now, surgeons working on cancer removal have limitations - specifically, they just don’t have enough guidance when excising tumors. Surgical excision presently depends on no more than visual inspections, palpation, and previously taken medical imagery, such as PET/CT and lymphoscintigraphy. Unfortunately, each of these methods comes with significant limits.

  • Visual inspections are notoriously unreliable, as it can be difficult to differentiate between healthy and cancerous tissue when relying on sight alone.

  • Palpation is only effective for large tumors, and even the most experienced surgeon miss crucial smaller tumor masses.

  • Previously acquired imagery is difficult to map to the patients on the operating table because bodies and organs move particularly during surgeries, so these previously taken medical images may no longer be accurate or relevant.

All this adds up to significant difficulties in tracking down and removing all cancerous tissue, whether from the site of the primary tumor, secondary tumors or cancerous sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs).

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Our unique suite of products, actively under development and due for clinical trials soon, will ensure that surgeons won’t miss cancerous tissue any longer.

Through a one-of-a-kind combination of the most advanced sensors, computer vision techniques, augmented reality, and proprietary algorithms, we are shrinking the large molecular imaging systems currently only available in the radiology department into handheld devices surgeons can hold and use to see and excise all cancerous tissue.

Our devices are designed using cutting-edge technology that will help surgeons visualize tumors, right there, during surgery, with a sweeping 3D representation of cancerous tissue augmented onto the patient's body. With our combined expertise in molecular imaging, medical physics, computer vision, and augmented reality, we’re building the 21st century tool that cancer surgeons need: a handheld, miniaturized, intraoperative, molecular imaging device.

The result? Dramatically improved clinical outcomes, simplified surgical workflows, and significantly reduced surgical times – this is our promise to you.


Disclaimer: Ziteo's products have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.